how I found out Due sep 22nd

Kia • I'm 24 live in Los Angles, my first child Due sep 22nd❣️ #excitedMommyToBe 😍
I had no clue what so ever. I went to the doctors for my normal check up and ending up finding out I was pregnant due 4days after my birthday sep 22nd Wednesday I go to see if it's one bun or 2 buns in the oven 
Now that I found out everything made since my husband stomach back and chest was hurting it hurted him so bad I had to take him to ER they listened to his stomach and said it didn't sound right and did a CT scan but everything came back normal we couldn't understand y he had these pains it lasted another week or 2 and long and behold it was because I was pregnant and now that I found out it's feeling just find but now that I know I'm throwing up and feeling sick and always noshes