Looks like I'm a single mom.

Idek why I'm posting on here, to be honest I don't have anybody close to me irl except for Zack. We've been together for 2 years and it's been a shit show but I love him with my whole heart. He loves this baby, we were going to be a real family. But if course, he's fucking around again, and this is the last straw. I can't continue to be hurting and stressing all day everyday anymore. But I'm so scared when he's really gone I'll be hurting and stressing more, I'm so lonely without him it's pathetic. But I can't let him put his hands on me and disrespect me and fucking cheat on me anymore, it's not just me in this body anymore, I'm done. Absolutely devistated over here, wish me luck in this new journey of moving on and having a baby alone.