HIS FAMOUS LAST WORDS... " Your period can't feel worse than getting kicked in the balls"

So this is my third period since going off bc. My horrid, extra heavy, miserable knife in the vag cramps, with severe bed ridden migraines, of a period is back. This time brought a new surprise I've never delt with. 20 extra lbs of water weight. We've been really trying to get back in shape so I've been drinking a ton more of water and it bit me in the a**.  If I wasn't already feeling down, I get on the scale to find out I gained more instead of loosing any. I've never held this much water weight before and it's miserable. It looks like I'm prego too, trying to explain it to the family especially the future in laws is embarrassing. I want to punch, throw, or burn everything in sight I feel so miserable. And of course like a man my fiancé doesn't understand and says I'm a pussy and "It can't be worse than getting hit in the balls". Guys need to go through this for at least a year, hell I'll take balls and let him kick me as much as I've accidentally tapped or hit his. I would feel so much better if he could just understand.