He said i have no proff?

Im getting really fxkn physco ! Like seriously! He said that i have no proff he was on live sex chats with girls other people may think im just being physco to me its disrespectful. Like if i cant look at boys then why you have sexual chats with girls? Like are you muthafxkn serious?!?! To me this making me nuts i had the comments he was writing ti the girls but this muthafaka delete it cause his mom always saying he wouldnt ever do this i really wanna show her this its making me fxikn nuts

For everyone that says its a pop up. Its not actually there was other live chats on his phone . i was just clicking any page cause i was flipping out. I had all the screen shots but he erased it ITS NOT A POP UP. & btw everyone is different! To me jagging off & looking at another girl IN THEIR HEARTS means fuck you you not good enough but whatever you like in your life with your man its your man. My man 🙅 nope i dont like that ITS FXKN DISGUSTING. DISRESPECTFUL! If he doesnt want me to finger myself to other men then why jag off to other girls🙅 nope I DONT FUCK WITH THAT✊ "Idk y girls get upset when their man watches porn" then why you get upset when he texts other girls? Im being petty