help!! how to hide a hickey/what else could it be

Ok so this might sound dumb but does anyone have any good excuses/cover ups to why you've gotten a hickey? Like been able to say it was something besides a hickey? I give them to my bf all the time but my parents are a little more conservative and my dad would kill both of us if he found out I was getting hickeys but I really don't want to just give them and not get them back because I literally loooove them. My bf suggested saying I burnt my neck curling my hair but I can't use that excuse every time or if I don't curl my hair...HELP A GIRL OUT 🙏🏽 
Edit!! I live in Cali and surfing w my family is a huge way we spend our time, especially w my bf. Anyone know any waterproof concealers that are cheap so that it doesn't get revealed when I get in the water lol