how to get out of a lease

So, my husband and I moved into a house back in August. Amazing 3 bed 2 bath house. Then our landlords began refusing to fix anything. We did not know about the escrow thing then. Then in November we had to bury our daughter, now, my mother is dying and has requested that we move back in with her so she doesnt have to have someone take care of her. Also becuase we live far away right now and as soon as my husband gets home we are moving a few states away
We talked to the landlords about it and of course, they were not apologetic about the situation whatsoever. We asked if theres anyway we can move out without getting evicted and their only response was we move out, pay rent until they find a new tenant, which will take them months because of all the things wrong with the house. 
We cannot afford to pay rent and utilities there, and have to pay for alot of the bills for my mother as well. Not to mention we are still paying off our daughters funeral. 
Are there any loopholes to getting out of a lease without penalty?
What is a sublease and how does it work?