constant disrespect (rant)

I am literally at the biggest loss. I love this guy however we don't date and at this point I'm kind of glad. He has been actin so rude lately and basically treating me like shit and yelling or blaming me for something I didnt do. I have been to hell and back for him given him my all even when he didn't deserve it. 
So basically it'll start off fine and we'll be on ft and he just get mad because either I say something and it's something he doesn't like or he doesn't agree with it. He tried to talk about me talking about a girl in my school that I hang out with which I wasn't talking about her I was telling him I realized why ppl talked about her and he says not to talk to him about it and all I can think is how he talks about his room mate to me and how he's this and that he's dirty the boy lies on him and steals his stuff he wants to play victim but as soon and his room mate orders food or wants to he wants to get some he wants to be included. Just now I ft him and he hung up even tho I told him where I was going and he has done the same and wasted my time just sitting there looking at paused and then so I come back and out of aggravation call back and ask why he did that for the second time and he says I was taking too long it took at the most 10 seconds. But he over exaggerates and so I'm trying to talk to him but he once again leaves the screen and I'm already aggravated so he's being dry and stuff and then late says he couldn't talk to me because I had an attitude but he was basically being bitchy and immature
He also tries to tell me when I need to i to sleep and tells me that when I complain about being tired or even say that I'm tired it pisses him off do why didn't he just address that to me no he instead tells me " GO TO SLEEP NOW" or " DONT YOU DARE WAKE UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT" like how the hell do I control whether I wake up or not. I'm at the point where I have constantly thought of leaving because of the double standards and how he always has an attitude and blames it on the other party. I realized I can't even fantasize about me and him anymore because I'm so hurt by the disrespect all the songs I had that reminded me of him, they are tarnished in my head. I don't even know if these are signs of abuse or if I'm a bitch and it is me or maybe I have let him run all over me and control me. I honestly am at a loss here. I need advice. If anyone who was in an abusice relationship had it start off with small stuff like this let me know if I need to run or not olease