how can I politely ask/suggest?

Before anyone kills me for this (please don't) this is a legitimate concern as far as being ready for baby. My baby shower is in March. I have a registry that I put together with items we really need. I haven't put toys or clothes on there because I've been gifted so many of it already (very big loving family) so I tried to keep the registry to basics. As far as the clothing I've received.....I could probably dress my baby for a year. I already received 32 onesies ranging from NB to 9 months, 27 two piece sets also ranging from NB to 12 months and various hats and mittens. 8 blankets. 18 dresses that range as well.  We love it but we have so many already and would really appreciate if people stuck to our registry because there's so much more we could use than clothes at this point. At this point it seems I have to get everything other than clothes which we are able to do but would be nice to have a registry that came in handy. How can I suggest or ask that no clothes be given? Should I write it on my registry? 
I haven't bought my baby clothes yet because of how much I've received...but my style is so different from what I've received. I just don't want the gifted ones to go to waste and try to use what I can.