Heart pain...

Ali • 🌵🌻

My anxiety and depression has been so bad that I forget to eat and drink on the daily... And my heart aches... it just feels tight and it feels bruised.

I need to get back on some medication but I don't have money at the moment nor do I have insurance.. I was hoping to get on the meds before I started working again but I can't and I feel like I'm slowly fading away and it hurts. I need to gain control of my life I know but goodness I can't focus on what needs to be done with this shadow over me all the time. I'm gonna be homeless if I don't get a job and I know I'll be so lonely once I go back to Fort Worth..

This is gonna be the death of me if I don't get help.

Ps. This was just a little rant I needed to express. Maybe anyone in a similar position won't feel so alone if they know more people have had anxiety and depression too.