Mums TTC & BF chat!

Hi I wasn't sure if there was a group to chat in with a more general purpose, for those who are breastfeeding and TTC. my son is 7.5 months I came off the mini pill in November. I've had a phantom AF 28 days after (cycle normally 27 days like clockwork before pregnancy) then had positive opks rather irratically and had one light AF 21 Dec. Not anything since but 27 days later I was ovulating again! Trying to track it but obviously BF is messing it up! Atleast it seems my body is trying and hopefully is ovulating. Had positive opk last week for two days. So judging a tww from there! Be good to chat to others going through this while breastfeeding adds to the guess work and confusion!! My boy eats solids well and is going longer between feeds now. Good luck and baby dust to all! Oo I also read a short booklet called egg meets sperm and it gives advice on timing things right. Thought it was quite a refreshing read. 😊 Be nice to chat to other mums. X