Snoring & selfish husband

So last night (3:30am) my hubby essentially kicked me out of our bed because of my snoring. I'm now trying to sleep on a chair in our nursery. This seems extremely selfish to me. I'm already on early leave because I am sleeping so little and tonight is no exception.
All other mama's I've talked to have said their SO s have been wonderful and amazing and some even didn't sleep in the same bed the last month due to pillows, snoring, etc. 
Should I be telling my husband that he's being selfish? Or am I now being selfish for saying I'm the pregnant one and need the bed more than him? I should also add that he rarely has to work earlier than 9 or 10 in the morning and does have the chance to sleep in, as I am usually up around 7. 
Anyone else have this issue or something similar?