Returning to the job!

Ladies, I need advice....! Basically in June last year I started working as a PA in a small company (Tiny office 6 young girls). 2 weeks after starting I found out I was pregnant after years of being infertile. I told the director immediately giving her the chance to find someone else without me taking any action as I felt bad that I was putting her in the situation. She is not maternal at all and is a work a holic and let's just say she was far from impressed but decided to keep me.
The weeks that followed she made up stupid office rules targeting me and my pregnancy, put the pressure on big time and pulled me up on everything I did wrong despite the fact I was learning with no support and struggling with the baby brain! 
At 15 weeks, my waters broke and I lost the baby and have been off work ever since and not spoken to her other than her asking me to send all company property back. 
My sick note ends Friday and I have been desperately trying to find another job with no success and my hubby has told me to go back to the job on Monday and look for something else... the problem is the thought of it makes me feel sick, they are all very bitchy so I hate to think what's been said but I am now incredibly skint and struggling to find anything else.
Sorry for the long post, I just want to know what you would do?