My mother is driving me insane.

I swear the next time I see my mother I'm going to punch her. She knows no boundaries. She doesn't know what fucking  NO means. She wouldn't know NO if it hit her in the god damn face. She drives me to the point of insanity. My child is MY CHILD. Not hers. My mother is a narcissistic asshole who cannot seem to respect my boundaries. Everyone I know including my father, friends and my child's doctor tell me how good of a mother I am, and how my child is very loved and taken care of except my mother. She tells me "You don't have me fooled. You're doing something wrong and I know it." It drives me fucking nuts. Being a single mom is enough and having her bothering me is just a cherry on top. Trying to prove myself doesn't help, she gaslights and calls me a liar. She just sits there and antagonizes, and eggs me on. She cannot act like a normal fucking human. I've never had a good relationship with her. She's always had something bad to say about me or something is always wrong with me. I'm never fucking good enough. She's ruined everything for me. I can't even be happy with my own child because she has to barge into my life. Some days I just wanna yell "If you ducking think I'm such a bad parent then take my baby!" I feel like this is never going to end. I have to battle ppd, a colic and reflux child, full time college, and so much more. She never quits. Always saying "I know you don't feed that baby" so condescending. I can't handle it. I feel like I'm gonna go mad. I'm trying so hard, and things are going so well, except to her. I wanna give up. I'm always depressed and angry. I can never be happy, when I'm happy she has to tear me down. She told me if she suspects something else she's calling CPS. I have not done anything to neglect my child! I haven't slept for a whole week, just to make sure my baby is fed, and loved. My child's doctor loves me, me and her have an amazing relationship, she knows I am doing the right thing. What do I do about my mom? If I tell her to stop she will just blackmail me. I tried to keep my PPD from her but she found out and constantly threatens to turn me in. What do I do? She's taken over.  I don't know what to do anymore.