Do you notice a spike in sex drive after exercising?


My sex drive has gone crazy since I got a gym membership. I used to get most of my exercise from walking the dog, but an unusually cold winter/cold snap where Iive made me kinda lazy, so I joined a gym and have been going about 4 times a week on average, getting an average of 45 min cardio a day plus weights & stretching. For about 3 weeks straight I was ravenous, wanting sex with husband at all hours of the day.

Other than that I've had no other major changes. My diet got a little better b/c once I start working out, I crave fresher food. But I generally eat pretty healthy anyway. While working out my sleep was also better too, but around the same amount of hours, just deeper sleep.

Last week I got sick and skipped the gym for about 10 days and I noticed my sex drive tapered off and crashed over the weekend. Like he wanted sex last night (and my heart did but my body didn't) and I told him I was too tired for the first time in weeks. We fooled around but I didn't get very aroused like I have been as of late.

Went on a brisk walk with the dog this AM and am at the gym now and I'm already thinking about....ahh extra curriculars I want to do tonight after work ;) Any thoughts on this?