I need a little advice

I'm 30 with one child that's about to be 10. Her dad passed away almost 5 years ago since then I have met my new fiance almost 3 years he has 2 kids ages 9/6 by 2 different women. I had to have surgery when we first got together cause I get cyst and tumors on my ovieries (spell check) so I only have my left side now. I was gonna have a full hystermony done but he wanted another kid. Now all of a sudden he don't want one and will only have sex with a condom what should I do I have baby fever so bad I cry my self to sleep most nights its not fair he said to hang it up he don't want another kid. Iam the reason he gets to see his 2 kids now both baby mamas wouldn't let Him see them until I kept pushing and pushing now he don't want another baby