future mother in law?

Okay so back story. 
I'm 19, my bf is 20. We have been dating since 15. We were each others firsts. Idk we are best friends. Supported by both our families. His mom and grand parents are highly catholic. 
Well I found out I'm pregnant. We thought it would be a good idea to tell her right away. Yesterday I was walking through the house and I heard her say "gosh I wish she would just get an abortion and leave my son alone" as she was on the phone. Later that day I told her that what happened happened and there's nothing that can be done now. In which she got very vocal and violent. Screaming at me saying "get tf off my property, you ruined my sons life" 
So now I'm all confused. He's dad's cool with everything. We already know we have to buy a house and move out. We know what we gotta do. 
But I literally like just wanna sit and cry about how pathetic she is. 
My bf has mentioned just never talking to her again till she apologizes once we move out. My bf is in fact really excited. Idk.