Skyla IUD Impacting my period??

Jasmine • 22 Psychology at Portland State University.
I have had the skyla IUD coming up on almost three years, which has given me the weirdest periods. 
So Dec. 17-19 I had a two day period. Then later the following week, I started a period that lasted 9 days. 
Yesterday I was checking in on my IUD and found some rustier looking blood a clump of clotted blood and something that looked like a bunch of cells, not the normal kind've uterine lining that comes with a period. 
Then my boyfriend and I were having sex today and after our second round of him being on top, we found blood around the base of his penis but felt inside as deep as we could to see if there was any more blood, but found nothing. I've been having all the regular period symptoms that I usually get, but no official period.
Anybody have any advice? Other than going to the doctor, which I'm doing Monday to get my IUD removed and replacing it with either another or some alternative form of birth control.