Did he disrespect me?

So me and my boyfriend (dating for 9 months, best friends for 3 years) [We're all seniors in high school btw) just got into a big fight which caused me to break up with him. So me, him and my best friend were like the three musketeers, completely inseparable. But a couple months ago me and my best friend had a falling out (she ignores me for no reason and goes on about her life like I was never even apart of it due to another long ass story.) I was fine with it at first (in some retrospects, I still really miss her☹️) but I just really got fed up with the fact that she could live her life normally and still talk to my boyfriend no problem and ignore me (even if I'm standing literally right next to him) so I told him that he can't talk to her (mind you he has 3 classes with her) And he agreed that he wouldn't. But today he told me that he talked to her minimally (there is no such thing as minimally in our friendship, it's all or nothing) and I got really irritated and felt blatantly disrespected. If something like this happened to him and he told me not to talk to someone and I did he'd be livid. He lives with me also, so right now he's downstairs bc I kicked him out but did he disrespect me? Or am I overreacting?  (Pls don't say I'm overreacting just bc I'm young, I'll be dammed if I let a man disrespect me and I'm not starting with him)