I'm starting to lose hope...UPDATED

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I really need help mommas...
So here it goes...
When my (now) 8 y/o was born I attempted breastfeeding, it hurt, we couldn't find our groove and he had a poor latch. I gave up within the first week... 
when my (now) 2y/o was born, I decided to try again, and this time, really try. He was EBF and due to this and his serious bruising, his bili levels went through the roof, dr suggested supplementing with formula since he had to be hospitalized and we wanted him better as quick as possible... so I did. Hubby went out and bought me a dual electric breast pump so I could continue to work on bringing my milk in. It never came )': I went to my babes ped and they prescribed reglan, yet still nothing...
Come 1/2/17, my third bub was born.. immediately he went to the boob. He had a perfect latch (as described by the ped at the hospital and the lactation consultant). His bili levels also became high, however this time we had a wonderful nursing staff that refused to let supplementing affect us breastfeeding, so she showed me how to put baby to breast and give a small amount of formula through a curved syringe. They then asked me to supplement a small amount of formula after every feeding until his weight came back up. At every feeding, I'd let him nurse at each breast for as long as he wanted, then offered 2oz of formula. While he ate formula I would pump, 15mins for each breast. 
At his two week appointment they said we could stop supplementing, as my babe had made his birth weight again. I was absolutely thrilled! In my mind this meant my body was doing exactly what it needs to for my baby, ( I had been questioning my milk supply due to me only being able to get no more than an oz total from both breast at any given time).
Well today at my babes appt, they told me he has lost weight, and said he is not getting the calories he needs, which coincidently is also the reason he practically never sleeps for long.
My heart broke. I want so badly to EBF my baby. Ultimately I want what is best for him, which is for him to be happy and healthy. I just wanted to know that bond with my babe. For a woman who has a hard time stomaching oatmeal, I've eaten it, daily.. I've made lactation smoothies, I've taken fenugreek, I've drank mothers milk tea, I've pumped after every feeding and once during the 1-5am time period.. I just don't know what else I can do. The dr he seen today (not his regular ped) said some women just don't make the milk, and that's okay... if this is my case, then fine I will accept that because like I said - baby being healthy is my number one priority.. I'm just not ready to give up yet..
Any suggestions, anything at all that may have helped you mommas, it would seriously be appreciated! If you had a certain schedule you stuck to, or foods you ate, please share!
I want to start by saying I truly appreciate all of the advice I have received. I have tried a few things with little to no change. I decided it was time to take my bub and I into a specialist and figure something out..
This morning he was weighed, I fed him and we weighed him again.. he nursed for roughly 45mins and only got 30ml from me, and that was even after switching breast like the RN suggested. She gave me a few suggestions as well, and gave me the name of a few support groups through fb as well. I'm not giving up yet, but I have to say this is becoming increasingly depressing. I really wanted this for my baby boy and I. But in the end, fed really is best, and if it can't be exclusively boob, then that's ok, I will give him what I have and go from there.