MY STORY: hope it brings a little hope


I'm 33yrs old .... I had my daughter at the age of 21.... She will be turning 12 in couple weeks..... I just confirmed my pregnancy at the doctors today.... I'm approximately 5weeks 3days today.... Basically thought I couldn't have kids anymore.... I made it a mission to be mind set & determined to get pregnant (TTC 3yrs) but had no luck... I am not a huge religious person but I love and believe in God, and over the holidays I prayed the lord remove the desire from my heart if it wasn't in his will for me to bare another child.... I had a dream after Christmas this is how it went:

The new year was going to be new beginnings... My friend (who's been TTC as well) had got pregnant & I was devastated crying and ask God why not me.... But something calmed me down and made me understand.... "Soon" when God knows you will be ready....

I woke up feeling hopeful and satisfied that it was still a possibility.... Looking back at the years.... I endured many challenges as well as loss of family and friend... Funerals and different hardships.... This pregnancy has shed the brightest light in to my life from heaven.... It was on this very app I read inspirational stories, positive quotes and had encouraging support from ladies on Glow ...

I know the heart break every period that showed up and even the moths never getting a positive OPK test.... But all that was not in vein for no reason it brings tears of joy to know I'm having a baby.... Don't give up ... if someone would have told me I had to wait 12 years before I would be blessed again I probably would had wanted to shoot that person... Lol ...jk... But SERIOUSLY DON'T give up... This quote helped me every time.... "To pee positive, you must think positive" good luck ladies.... Lots of baby dust

Oh yeah the picture of my BFP was at the doctor office ... She says the cheapie test are what they use and the faint line is 💯positive