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The past couple weeks I've been having really bad issues eating. When I was in high school I had eating issues and through my life it would pop up every now and then. I was never 100% anorexic/blue mic however I did have a bing eating disorder where I would go long periods of time with out eating then I'd pig out for a couple days like literally not able to stop eating even if I was full. But rarely threw up after a binge. The process would repeat itself on occasion there would be a couple weeks out of the month I wasn't about to control my habits but once I got on a better less restricted diet and lost weight I gained confidence in myself. Now I'm a little heavier than I want to be and I find these traits coming back. As I said I've never been bulemic however the past few weeks I've had this terrible stomach issue and I haven't been able to keep things down. I'm hungry all the time but I throw up after I eat. When I starve myself I still have urges to puke just by drinking water. Today I've eaten twice literally 2 bites of a sandwich then here comes the puke. Idk if it's a mental reflex bringing me back to those days or if I'm having stomach problems. I have ulcers but have never experience this symptom. I just don't want to eat or drink anything but I feel my body craving it. Even the smell of food low key makes me sick. I'm worried my eating disorder is coming back. Binge eating I can handle. The vomiting I can't. I can't hold it in.