When people mean well

So our baby is about three weeks away and has Down syndrome and a heart defect that will require surgery.  My husband and I are past the grieving stage and just really excited and nervous about the birth.  We have great families and awesome support systems, including my amazing sister in law who I love but needs to CALM DOWN.  She created a little logo for our baby which we want to use for Buddy Walks, etc. but she is planning on doing fundraisers and all kinds of stuff, which she announced at our baby shower this past weekend.  We weren't really going to do anything like that.  This is for the most part a one and done surgery that insurance will pay for as well as Medicare, etc.  I just get a Facebook notification that I've been made an admin for the Facebook page she has. Rested about the baby so everyone can keep up with health updates and fundraising! She hasn't asked us if any of this is okay with us, so my husband will be put in the awkward position of telling her to take it down.
I love our families and want them all involved which is why they are coming over on Saturday for pizza and to kind of just "go over" stuff about the baby and get everyone on the same page.  She is really jumping the gun though and as much as she means well, I'm not really a big fan.