Just found out I'm allergic to epidurals


So I am eight weeks pregnant with my first kid, I am specifically allergic to Novocain and litocain and I guess that's what they typically use. I was planning on a natural birth anyway but suddenly not having a choice is scaring me. Before I found out I couldn't have an epidural, when I was just planning on a natural birth, I talked to my mom and she said "this isn't a typical pain, you're going to want the drugs" and my best friend who has had a kid literally laughed at me and told me I didn't know what I was talking about. It makes me doubt if I can do it. I have watched a lot of birthing videos and mostly natural births are done in the water. I live in a tiny town in Colorado and both of the closest hospitals are an hour away but in different directions, and they don't do water births. I guess you can chill in the pool but you can't actually give birth in it. I have seen videos where the women just scream awfully and beg the people around them to "get it out" or "make it stop"

Have any of you done a natural birth? How was it, what do you reccomend?