I'm pregnant☺️ thought I would share symptoms and tips for you girls who are still trying!! baby dust to you all😊❤

I just found out this morning I'm pregnant😀😊🎉...3rd month trying. I want to thank you girls for the support and help. I thought I would share things I think helped me and what convinced me I was pregnant...
Tips to help me get pregnant:
-Seven seas trying for a baby. These are prenatal vitamins. I have heard reviews people fall pregnant quick on these. It was my first month using them and I'm pregnant.
-Sex everyday before and after fertile window. 5-6 days days before and 3-4 days after ovulation.
-Lift your hips!!! I got pregnant first month trying when I lifted my hips (had a chemical) 2nd month I didn't lift my hips I didn't get pregnant. I lifted my hips and held them there for 10 mins and Im pregnant, may be coincidental but I feel it works.
-Missed period
-I usually get sore boobs before period...nada. Missed my period and boobs started to hurt.
-SEVERE cramping no bleeding or spotting with it!! I felt period cramps and thought I was gonna come on..nothing. At night there worse but ease of after I let wind of go for a poo🙈
Sorry it's long but I for sure appreciated reading tips and symptoms when I was trying so thought I would share!! Baby dust to you girls💗