it's MY birthday, right?

Alyssa • 28 FTM to beautiful baby girl !
shouldn't my birthday be about what I want to do or where I want to eat? 
so my husband has asked me "babe, where do you want to go for your birthday?" 
so i gave him my 2 choices - and one he didn't say anything about. and to the other choice he said "why do you want to go there, don't you want to go somewhere nicer?" 
the second choice is a little hole in the wall and we went there on of our first dates. i liked it and the margaritas there are delicious! 
he kinda made me not want to go there anymore. and the other place we've been to before, but i kinda wanted to try something different. 
it's just hard to pick some place where he won't say anything about it.. he can be very picky... like dude it's one dinner - suck it up for me... on my birthday! 
and i've just been feeling kind of down this week and i can't shake this BLAH feeling. 
every birthday since my 20th birthday has been kind of crappy - like something bad always happens. 
so i guess i'm kinda just waiting for something to happen this year. let's see what 26 brings me..
how do i get out of this funk?