Worried 😢

Stacey 💗
So mon the 30th Jan I had a bleed and passed a clot no pain and bleed just lasted the day very light. Went to docs he said sorry you had a miscarriage goodbye basically. I did explain I've had bleeds with my other 2 children and carried them full term. He didn't want to get me checked so left there crying my eyes out 
I've never had a miscarriage so I don't no what I'm looking out for 😢
So phoned midwife and she said you need to take yourself to the hospital because if you did miscarryed you need to be checked out. She was really lovely women
So been hospital today she took all details etc. Checked my belly and took urine test. She said because your fine in yourself and you didn't cramp and not heavy bleed it maybe not a miscarriage but she can't obviously be sure. 
So I have my scan on mon 6th Feb I would of been 7weeks 2days. God I feel like I got to wait forever 😢
I personally think and have told myself that I have miscarriage 😭