Implantation Bleeding

Sarah • Married to my amazing hubby and fur mama of 3 ❤️ Due Nov 20th 💙
Me and my husband are TTC our first child and was wondering what your implantion bleeding was like? Today I have been seeing a faint hint of pink and red in the undies (like I can tell it's a different color then cervical mucus). But when I wipe there is not other color that I can see. My period isn't due till around the 14th. Other symptoms for the past week, a little bit of nausea but no throwing up, a little tension by my overies (I believe it was just my ovulation), then today it fleels like something is sitting in my bladder making feel like I need to pee and a little tension in my stomach. I don't want to get my hopes up to much and I'm probably just going crazy lol 
So anything advice you ladies have 😊 thanks!