💔 Needing some Advise!

Long story short: I've been TTC for over 1Oyrs now. (1st was with my ex-husband for 9yrs. He was 9O% the issue.. And now 5 months with current BF..he has no issues and has a wonderful daughter) 
Now, I have PCOS, and was put on Clomid for 3 months (5Omg, 1OOmg, 15Omg) did 21 day blood work ..resulted in that I did not ovulate. She then put me Femara 2.5mg , but I decided to do ovulation test, it gave me 1O high days and then my peak.. But my 21 day test was a week before I got my 'peak ' results were that I did not ovulate.. So I explain to her that my o-test showed my o-day to be a week later.. So we retested .. Got the call today..said I did not ovulate 😞 resulted were O.4 .. 
Has anyone has ''wrong'' test labs and still ended up with theirBFP?? So this month I am now on 5mg of Femara, I've added folic acid and myo-inositol.. 
Here is a picture of my world!! love my step daughter
Just looking for that glimpse of Hope 🙏🏼