High school is rough and I need a bae :/

Rebecca • 19, college student
I'm an independent girl and I used to always tell myself, "You don't need a boyfriend, you need to focus on school!" But lately I've been so lonely and depressed with my grades and family problems and friend issues and how I'm not doing winter track because I'm so tired. And I feel myself wishing I had a boyfriend to confide in throughout the day, someone to look forward to seeing in school and after school. I have a prospect but the process to get a bf is so slow, you know the talking stage, the "are we official stage", etc. I just want to skip all that and go to the part where we snuggle and watch Netflix and make out in school stairwells and empty hallways. In fact, I think having a boyfriend would help me with my grades because he'll motivate me and we can do work together, and I can concentrate on school work because I'd be content knowing I had a bae. Any advice? :/ Also please don't tell me to confide in my girl friends because I have many friend problems right now which is also getting me down. I just want some intimacy ya know? 😞