For women who suffer from excruciatingly painful periods


I too have been struggling with this for about 5 years. Some of my periods cause me to faint, have hot flashes, cold sweats, vomit, diarrhea, and the pelvic pain is so bad I cant move or do anything. I've been sent to the hospital in an ambulance twice when it happened in public. I've been examined for ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, etc and I have normal pelvic anatomy. Couldnt figure out wtf it was, and I was getting scared because this year it happened twice as much as the previous 4 yrs combined.

After the last time a month ago, I quit dairy as I've read that it can make periods worse. I also started putting 100% cranberry juice (the super bitter stuff) in all my drinks, especially in the days leading up to my period. I was doing this before I found out that cranberries can help reduce bloating, water retention, and cramping, as well as other things.

Today it came. And I have never had such an easy painless period ever. My cramps were so mild, I almost didnt even feel them. I honestly felt like I could do 25 cartwheels lmao. Not only that, but my period was much lighter. Its usually "crime scene" the first two days. It was medium today.

Some other small things I noticed was that my vagina wasnt sore like it usually is day one. Also, the scent of it when I pulled my pants down in the bathroom was almost nonexistent. None of this has ever happened before, even when I have a normal period. And my period has definitely never NOT been heavy lol. Im gonna keep doing this and of it stays this way for the next few months, Its gonna be a permanent thing. Just wanted to post this in case anyonr with these problems wants to try it. Hope it helps!