Cyst on Ovary

Maybe this can help the next lady. So a couple of weeks ago I was experiencing pain in my left pelvic region. Anything from standing to sitting to laying a certain way, coughing, using the bathroom and SEX yes SEX!!!! Ladies it was painful.   We would only be about a minute in and then there was the pain. I would collapse where ever I was for about 30 minutes. My vagina and butt went through horrible spasms and my stomach hurt like something serious. Okay after happening 3 times I had enough. I went to the ER. The doctor said I was just constipated. I knew he was wrong, I mentioned I had IBS but never has this happened. They even did an X-RAY but said I was full of poop. I had already had an appointment for an ultrasound schedule prior to going that Tuesday following the ER visit. But the pain was overwhelming I thought they was going to help. The OBGYN did my ultrasound and said that I had a 6 inch cyst on my left ovary. He said this is the cause of your pain. So I made an appointment with my obgyn and he advised me to start back taking my provera to start my cycle and maybe just maybe the cyst will start to dissolve. He told me not to take the clomid this could have caused the cyst also........So far it has, my cycle came and left, 4 days letter it's back on again. But hey no pain besides cramping.