What are you doing for V-Day?

I could use some help and I've tried typing this 3 times so I hope it makes sense.

I have a gf and she also calls me her bf but we aren't really together. I know that makes no fucking sense. We've been a thing for 6 years and our daughter is growing up. Our kid is big into vday right now because her school is decorating for it I guess.

So the deal with the gf and me is that we have tried to make it work a few times but we've found out we are better off just being close friends or fwb. It took us 4 years to figure that shit out sadly but that's in the past. I raise our kid alone at my house and she comes by every week to visit after work. She gives me cash sometimes but there was never a child support set up for us and I make more than her anyway and my house is paid off so I have less bills. I think we're both fine with things how they are. There's no fighting in front of kinny any more and things are just better. Mom gets to go get drunk and have as many dudes as she wants. Whatever we're just over it. We say we're a thing for Kinny and so gf doesn't sound like a slut. That's her and her moms words not mine.

Ok so maybe I'm ranting at this point but I'm not mad. The deal is my girl wants us to get along, which we do but she means romantically. She doesn't understand why mom doesn't sleep here anymore. Shes upset about it. All that jazz. I don't want her to think our relationship is healthy because to me it's not. I want better for my kid. But I also know she loves her mom and since gf has done well keeping herself sober when coming over seeing kinny is cool with me but theres always confliction and it gets awkward.

My daughter is hell bent on me taking gf for a vday date and when I tell her I don't think mom wants to go she cries. Then she'll draw pictures of plans about what we could do for vday like movies or dates and give them to me again the next day like I didn't talk to her about it. Idk what to do here. Gf and me are still friends and I guess we could go out as friends but idk if that's a good idea. How do you even take someone on vday and them not expect you want something? I don't want to fuck her ever again and that's probably where she'll try to go with it. I know her. Ok I'm done ranting. If you know of any not romantic ways to take someone out on vday just for the sake of your kid I'm taking suggestions.

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