How many bottles of wine do you consume by yourself on a monthly basis? 🍷🍷

Hi ladies, I was looking into surveys on how much wine women consume on a monthly basis and didn't really find what I was looking for. I am curious to see what everyone's answers will be. Am I considered an alcoholic or a functional alcoholic? (Hubs says functional alcoholic) Sometimes I can go through 3 bottles of wine a week which is rare for me. On average I enjoy 2 bottles of wine a week. I only and always drink at night time and or special occasions. Now I've decided to cut back and try to limit myself to just 1 bottle of wine a week. (Gotta prove to the hubs I'm not an alcoholic I'm sure there are a lot of women like me that drink an entire bottle of wine in 1-2 hours) right? 😂😬🍷
On average, whats your monthly wine consumption? Do you usually drink the entire bottle of wine in one sitting?