how I got pregnant.

Ok so I had an endoscopy procedure done in June of 2016 because I was experiencing burning stomach pain and nasuea for like a year. I went in to the back doctor asked me questions like if I was pregnant and all that. Later after the prodcedure was done. I was on a lot of anesthesia and couldn't talk or walk. I was brought to the car by a wheelchair. Later the anesthesia wared off a lil. I asked my hubby and mom(they were present there the whole time) what happened to me. They told me I was suffering with GERD disease and H.PYLoRi Helico Bacter Pylori Stomach infection. my mom said the doctor said I couldn't have kids .. I got so mad and I was like ok that's alright one day.. then I was out on 500mg of meds (the freaken meds are like $300 the insurance doesn't cover it) I took those meds for like a month until the end of July. August came and I was waiting for AF to show and she didn't show I was so scared because the specialist said I couldn't conceive right now because of my condition. I took 4 pregnancy test the first one was like a vvfl so I threw it away. Then my husband found the test and asked why I threw the test away I told him it's negative. He showed me and it was too lines.. I wasn't wearing my glasses lol. So I took more PTs and they all showed up positive.. damn I was so shocked because my family doctor and my specialist doctor told me I couldn't have kids right now. I am now 27w3d with a baby boy. It's all because of God that I was able to conceive even with my health condition.. I still suffer with it but plan to get treatment after my little love is here. So to those out there that are sick or that have been trying and can't conceive don't give up. that positive will show up if you keep being positive . Good luck