My baby is already being stubborn.


Went in for my midwife check up (10w5d) today and was so excited because I was going to hear the heartbeat for the first time and 10weeks is when I miscarried last time, so I'm here hoping for the best.

Cue Doppler time. First the med student tries. No heartbeat. Then my midwife takes over slowly scours every inch. No heartbeat. By this time I'm getting more and more nervous until I start bawling. Midwife right away says let's send you for an emergency ultrasound.

I have to wait an hour and a half thinking my world has ended before I get in to be scanned. Tech puts the wand down and bam. There's my stubborn little baby waving at us, heartbeat of 179. This child is not even here yet and already being difficult and causing me to pull my hair out.