nervous about germs?

I don't know about you all, but I live in the Dallas area, and the flu, RSV, whooping cough, and stomach bug are going around like crazy.  My MIL has had a bronchial infection for weeks, and she has had a really hard time recovering from it.  It was so bad that her oxygen levels have been down, and she had to postpone her TDAP as a result.  I asked my husband to check in on her as I will be induced on Wednesday if the baby doesnt come earlier.  I don't want to prevent her from seeing the baby, but I want to take every precaution to ensure she doesn't infect the baby, especially with something that could impact her little lungs.  When my husband inquired, she was completely offended and said she would never expose a newborn to an illness of any sort and that we are being too uptight and overprotective.  My feelings are incredibly hurt.  What's wrong with taking every precaution with a newborn??  Lung infections can be fatal in infants.  Is it really so bad to ask how she's feeling so we can make a plan on what to do if she isn't 100% by the time the baby arrives???