Need more husband advice

Kendra • Find your own happiness. Don't do what others expect of you. ~Baby Dust~
I am half frustrated and half sad. My husband simply doesn't want sex anymore. I try and try every approach possible. I dress sexy and maintain myself. I've lost 3inches off my waist. I initiate no matter what now. I ask him what's wrong. He says nothing. I ask him if he's tired or stressed. He says know he's happy. I ask him if I've upset him. Nope. I ask him if it's all the miscarriages. He says no he's not really sad anymore. He can hold a conversation with me and is loving and goofs around. He still is helpful around the house. We operate in the nude when home usually but now if I remove my clothes he looks at my body with absolute disgust to the point I want to cry. I put my clothes back on and he immediately relaxes. I ask him if im doing something wrong with my body. He says no that I'm pretty. I ask if I still turn him on. He says yes. He is also being very selfish. We haven't had proper sex I mean vaginal to the point of coming in 4 months. He commands me to give him blowjobs and handjobs and he sneaks off to masturbate. I ask if I can join him like usual and he yells at me to go away. He never returns the favor. I've stopped doing it now because he's being so selfish and now he's passive agressively hinting I'm lazy. Well as you all know I ovulated and I told him we have to have sex and he has to cum in me. He looked at me with disdain and literally said "do I have to". I almost cried. After a bit of a spat we negotiated that I would turn away as he masturbated then he would stick it in and cum the last second. We did that. I eventually demanded sex and he half heartedly did it and slowly got flacid so I just told him to stop. I found myself begging him and he just has no interest in it. He's more than happy to shove my head down there though. Now that I'm not in my fertile period he doesn't want to cum in me anymore. He came in and saw the opk and breathed an audible sigh of relief. I asked him if we still could have sex and he said maybe. I asked him now that I'm no longer ovulating if he still wanted me. He said of course without looking me in the eye and walked away. Later tonight he got cuddly so I offered up sex and he immediately let go and went to sleep. He just paced into the bathroom where I'm at now and just looked at me and then messed with his hair and walked out. He's been doing that all week. Keeping his distance then coming in only to walk out again. I ask him if he still wants kids and he adamantly declares yes and says we need to have them as soon as possible. He obviously wants them because he is setting his disgust aside long enough on my O days to ejaculate in me. It just makes no sense. Now hes telling me he doesn't want to find out I'm pregnant until I'm 3 months along. He says he doesn't want that stress. I'm at a loss. I don't work because he doesn't really want me to but he has had some lower hours with his job lately so I asked if he wanted me to get a part-time and he said no he liked me home. He really still loves me and in other aspects he's great but all of a sudden he went from being a constant and generous lover to this selfish man who is disgusted by me and only uses my mouth and hands for his pleasure then abandons me to my own. He uses my ass too but I hate it and have banned him from it now. If there is any advice you ladies can give me itd be much appreciated and please don't be hateful about my husband. Remember I still love him and it kind of hurts to see that. Thank you for reading of you got to this point and baby dust to you all.