Could I be pregnant?

Hey! So 3 weeks ago exactly my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex, and he pulled out before ejaculation. A week later I was noticing lots of changes in my body, like frequent urination, breast tenderness, nausea, bloating and cramps (early signs of pregnancy). I got nervous, so I downloaded this app to see when I could have been ovulating, and we had sex in the fertile window. After 2 weeks I still showed all these signs, but then one night i felt extreme pain and cramping everywhere from the ribs to my lower abdomen. I got my period shortly after (it was 3 days late but i'm also irregular) and it lasted 6 days instead of 4. This past week i've been showing 0 symptoms of early pregnancy but now after having sex again today (protected this time, learn from your mistakes lol) i'm experiencing cramping and feeling bloated again. I've read that cramping is normal after sex because he could have hit my cervix. Should i be worried? Am I pregnant?