Okay so my hubby and I are going to Vegas tomorrow on a company trip. We decided okay, that will be like our valentines thing, we can enjoy ourselves when we're alone and the company pays for it, sweet, so I assumed no gifts. I got us a sex swing a while back for vday as a surprise but he already knows about it now. & he really loves surprises so I was going to get him something else UNTIL we found out about the trip and agreed that would be our valentines thing. Only now, he told me he can't wait to show me my valentines gift! And I didn't get him anything! 
I did absolutely nothing for vday last year and he was so sad :( I can't do that again this year 🙄 what can I do that's last minute and not expensive as I am completely broke. Already have lingerie, so that's out of the question. Help please 😫