Valentine's Day

Alicia • 🎂24 👦🏻Mom 🚑EMT
I see many women stressing over this day but you don't need a man to make this day special, treat yourself! have a spa day or go shopping! My husband will be gone all day working and won't be home until 11:30 at night but I don't mind because I will be spending this day making my son Mickey Mouse pancakes as soon as he wakes up and then I will be taking him to his favorite play place with big play structures like chuck-e-cheese but so much better. I will be playing and watching my son have the best time ever and enjoying the day with him before I have to go to school in the evening. ❤️
Make this day about you or your kids or your bffs just pamper yourself and go out and do something don't sit at home alone and be sad, enjoy yourself. Remember you are loved, it doesn't matter if it's not a SO or who the person is, just remember you are loved on this day and the next day ❤️Just my rant on Valentine's Day.