BABY SCARE!!!!!!!!!

Today was a rather tough day for me.... I have been worried sick about my baby girls movement bc she basically stopped moving two days ago, I had been monitoring her heart rate w a fetal Doppler at home and it was fine but I still felt like something wasn't right..... I finally decided to go the hospital for a non stress test and I am having slight contractions but nothing too serious! And they  usually like to see the babies heart rate raise above a certain number when they move and they said she is passing but barely so to keep an eye on her heart rate from home. Even tho nothing drastic was happening I was still glad that I went not only for my piece of mind but to make sure my little girl was ok!!!!!!!! So if you are ever in doubt don't wait.... the nurse I had was amazing and said she was glad that I had come in !!!!!!!!! 
Has anyone else ever had this kind of experience???? Is it pretty normal for babies to have less movement at 35 weeks ???