Break up

Okay so a month ago my boyfriend of over two years and I went to the mall together and afterwards we came back to my house. It was one of the best days ever and he talked about how he wanted to marry me and we kept making plans for the future like we normally did. Later that night after he left he went to a party and got drunk. The next day he texted me he loved me in the morning and we didn't talk again until later that night. He said "I need a break, I'm so sorry" and told me he was almost positive we would get back together afterwards... but emotionally I wasn't okay with that so I pushed too much and within a couple days he was hanging out with a new girl. A week ago yesterday he came over to my house to get his stuff and I cried to him and he hugged me and he ended up kissing me and we had sex... but he still said he wanted to be with her. He refuses to tell her what happened between us and asked me not to either... I want him back so badly, I can only see myself with him. But I'm just confused, should I tell her about what happened? They're not actually dating but they're super close. AND he met her at the party he went to the night of the day we went to the mall together. Help!