AF due 2/22

trying to not lose my mind!!!! i swear we BD on the perfect day which just so happened to be my birthday!!!! i got peak ovulation on 2/7 and my birthday was the 8th! we were like bunnies lol. last few nights i've fallen asleep so early and keep having vivid dreams that i can actually remember in the morning which is strange for me!! my boobs are kinda sore and i'm breaking out like crazy!! esp on my chest. i have thick creamy white discharge like a lot and i could fit my whole middle finger inside me before i felt my cervix which felt more like my lips than my chin and was closed (sorry for the tmi) 😩 yesterday i started crying because my man didn't touch me when i got out the shower 🙄 so extra and ridiculous i know. i've been crossing my fingers for baby #1. and i don't wanna get my hopes up. just need some insight!