Another eating disorder??

Nessie • 💐
From a very early age I've had eating disorders.  They usually stem from anxiety about health issues that I know I don't have (such as diabetes, cancer etc) but as everyone with anxiety knows, you don't really think rationally at all. Here lately my anxiety has been getting much worse. My medication doesn't help anymore after being on it for about 3-4 years now, I think it's lost some of the effects it used to give me. I've always been very anxious when anyone would talk about health related things. Everyone around me knows not to or I'll start panicking. I can't watch anything with doctors or illnesses. So for me to think I have health issues that I really don't have is really no surprise. In a result of this, I think I'm starting to develop another eating disorder. I find myself not hungry anymore. Every time I take a bite of food I have to wait at least 15 minutes to take another bite to make sure nothing happens to me (such as going into diabetic shock or passing out). I check how much sugar is in something before I eat it. I get that feeling of panic & a little dizzy. Then I eventually just stop eating out of fear. It's becoming an issue, that I don't want to consume me again. I'm not doing this to mock or make anyone with diabetes feel disrespected. I genuinely have had this problem for 7-8 years and have had multiple relapses with my eating disorder due to my anxiety. I guess I just wanted to share this in hopes of some type of relief or motivation. Maybe even some knowledge as to what could help me. 
Thanks ladies! xoxo