The truth about my obsession with the BFP.

I just need some honesty here, I can't take it. Hubs and I are TTC it's been 5 months. We've really gone at it, the past two months charting, ovulation tests, working out and baby dancing all over the damn house. I know not to test early but I'm obsessed, and had symptoms which were probably false hope. I keep getting negatives and search for a faint line in every light and angle. I've used early prediction tests which should show a positive if it exists.

So I need some honesty. AF is due Tuesday the 21. Is it even possible still that a BFP could arrive, or should I just kick the dust over this month and gear up for the hopes next month is ours. What are the chances? I still feel symptoms and now think probably just AF starting her move in date but then again what if it's a BFP ready to knock on the door instead.

Thanks Ladies, use need some real facts of truth here that I think I already know