does anyone else feel the same as I do about these symptoms???

Mimi • Momma bear 🐻 expecting her second cub💙.
I'm getting so aggravated, because PMS symptoms and pregnancy symptoms are so similar. I get my stress level going thinking "oh wait my boobs are hurting is it my period coming or could I be pregnant?" Then I get all anxious and unpatient. I start counting the days down to my AF and try to see when's the last time my boobs started hurting before my last period or when I started cramping. I've been cramping since around my ovulation date and I'm driving myself crazy. AF is due in 6 days and all I can hope and pray for is my BFP. I always test way to early so I'm gonna try to wait till I miss the first day of AF. Even though something tells me I'll be holding onto the test I have for awhile because AF always shows up! Does anyone else freak them self out or what do you do to not stress about it so much? Sorry for all the run on sentences!