Baby fear

Ok so first of all I know this is gonna be silly. But I am genuinely scared of having a baby right now. Just in this moment because for the past 4 nights I have dreamt that in some way I harm or let something else harm my baby. It's usually starvation. I don't have kids but my husband and I have been trying for 2 and a half years and have just recently started thinking about holding off on treatments because of out financial situation. But idk these nightmares won't go away. I just woke up stressed out and panicking because in my dream I hadn't fed my newborn son in like forever and I found him dead. I promise to every woman or man with a child or that care about children that I'm not on drugs nor would this ever happen but I can't get past these nightmares. What should I do? Talk to a therapist or just my husband or just let it go.