Family hatred... Suicidal prone... Need friendly support

I am obese. So my dad dislikes me. He doesn't like to take me at family functions or for any outings because Indian people laugh at obese girls. 😭 He feels ashamed of me. Also I live in a joint family. My grandfather also hates me because I am fat and I disobey his orthodox rules like cooking food for whole family and serving everyone and obeying everything what the gents of the family says. My family is a very patriarchy supporter. And I don't it. Because I live in India, I can't do anything but live with this oppressive family. 😭😭😭😭 I have had it.. I would have loved to shift to a foster family. But there is no such system in India... I really hate my life and these people. My birthday is coming next Thursday. I don't wanna celebrate it with such fu***rs.. I wanna live with someone who wud love me. Someone who would accept me the way I am and would help me overcome my obesity. Btw I am obese because of my eating disorder.