My boyfriend and I had stopped trying to get pregnant and we decided to hold off for maybe a year. Anyway, we ended up having a pregnancy scare about a month ago. I was 9 days late and he didn't seem happy at all. Whenever I got up to pee, he'd say something like "again? Oh great, you're pregnant" and it really hurt me a lot to hear him say something like that. So, he wanted me to look up safe ways to basically give myself an abortion. I was so heartbroken but I did. I kind of massaged my stomach area a lot and later on I ended up cramping like hell and bleeding a lot the next few days. Could that have been a miscarriage? I never took a test so I don't know if I was ever actually pregnant. Basically, I just wanna know y'all's opinions on every aspect of this. My boyfriend's reaction and what I did. Anything would be greatly appreciated. I'm so lost... I don't know what to do about this, if anything.