first round of clomid done

So I started my clomid on cd8 because of my extremely irregular cycles. I had an US on day 16 and had 4 follicles (2x13mm and 2x10mm) with my lining at 5mm. I then had another scan yesterday (cd18) and it showed 5 follicles (1x20mm, 1x17.5mm, 2x13mm and 1x10mm) with my lining at 7.4mm. I also had the hcg trigger shot too. Had anyone had these sort of figures and the shot and managed to get pregnant first time without <a href="">IUI</a> as were only using Clomid at the moment and without <a href="">IUI</a>?
I've got to have bloods done in a week so cycle day 26. I did an ovulation stick today and the result is in the pic. I'm guessing it's a faint positive, in just hoping tomorrows will be stronger. Xx